6-pk 2014 Clendenen Family Gewurztraminer
6-pk 2014 Clendenen Family Gewurztraminer
Le Bon Climat
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Gewürztraminer by nature is floral, exotic and has an inherent, mouthwatering bitterness that ideally counterpoints the fruit. Like Riesling, its residual sugar levels can range from dry to dessert sweet. Jim Clendenen chose to allow the Gewürztraminer fruit from his estate vineyard to express itself in a bone-dry style that is Alsatian in nature.

The fruit  is bar­rel fermented in neutral oak, matured surlies, completes malolactic fermentation, and develops naturally in wood for about six months. Neutral oak provides additional texture and depth without obvious oak tones. Our Gewürztraminer is spicy, with subtle rose petal and Asian fruit notes. It is not oily or unc­tuous. The freshness, spice, and crisp texture make it cuddly and food friendly.

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Lara Riccomini's Gravatar
Lara Riccomini
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(Nov 10, 2017 at 4:21 PM)
I love a dry Gewurztraminer but it is quite rare. This wine has a gorgeous floral nose but is bone dry on the palate.