2012 Pinot Noir Isabelle 1.5L
2012 Pinot Noir Isabelle 1.5L
Blue Series - Magnum
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Au Bon Climat has made Pinot Noir in Santa Barbara County for 30 years. Our winemaking philosophy and winemaking practices have changed little over that time. Older equipment has been replaced by newer technologies, but better equipment improved the wines and allowed for gentler processing. We still hand pick and sort heavily in the vineyard. We still use open top fermenters allowing us to “punch down” by hand. Our top Pinot Noirs are never pumped, only moved by gravity. These high end Pinots are aged in new French Oak. Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir is basically the same since 1982, only better.

Isabelle is unlike any other Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir. Our top Pinot Noirs prior to making Isabelle in 1994 were all single vineyard wines. Isabelle was the first top end Pinot Noir that was a blend from different locations. After the birth of his daughter in 1995, Jim Clendenen wanted to make a special wine in her honor. Isabelle has developed into a unique young woman and her wine is unique for Au Bon Climat, a blended, high end Pinot Noir. We blend the best barrels from at least six different vineyards.  These vineyards range from two vineyards in northern California, one in the Anderson Valley in Mendocino County, and another in the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, along with five or six of the top vineyards from the Central Coast. Making the best wine from our best barrels is the goal, so the blend has varied over the years. After tasting the best lots, we go through the barrel selection process.  This tasting process takes a few days, after the initial selection, the barrels are reevaluated a few months later just prior to putting Isabelle together.

After a really weird 2011 vintage, 2012 was a welcome relief.  The ‘12 vintage had everything a winemaker could ask for: cool sunny days for the entire months of August and September, and a balanced yield from the vines. Too much yield and the wines can be diluted. Too little yield and the fruit ripens too quickly and still taste green at high sugars. The first heat spike of the vintage was the first week of October. Luckily, we had harvested all the Pinot Noir of note. 

Isabelle as a blend has benefits. Even the best vineyards have “off” years, and our barrel selection process allows us to keep Isabelle tasty year after year. The 2012 is a darker and fruitier Isabelle. This one needed no bottle time to show well. Isabelle has proven to age very well, and we routinely drink bottles with 15 years of age. Even though Isabelle is our “biggest” Pinot Noir with loads of intensity and power, it is still balanced and food friendly. This is a complete Pinot Noir with oak, tannin, alcohol, fruit and acid all mix in one seamless blend.

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